Weather Photograph Competition

WeatherNet's annual weather photograph competition is open to everyone!

First prize £100
Second prize £50
11 Further prizes of £20

Winners(1) also receive a calendar featuring their photo(2), full acknowledgement on our website.

2016 Competition

Thank you to everyone who entered this year's competition! I'm pleased to announce the winners below:

First prize: Sylvia Watson – January 2017
Second prize: Stuart Scott – April 2017
11 further entrants have each won £20 for their entries.

The competition's popularity continues to grow and 2016 was the most well supported year to date. Selecting winners becomes increasingly difficult each year, but remains an enjoyable period of time for the WeatherNet staff. I hope that you'll be as pleased with the result as we are!


  • Photos should be unedited and must have been taken in the UK
  • Photos can be of any weather phenomenon or effect - the more obscure or unusual the better!
  • Older photos are just as welcome as more recent ones
  • You can enter as many photos as you wish, as often as you wish

If you have any queries please e-mail us

The closing date is 30th June 2017. Entries received after this date will automatically be entered into next year's competition.
Winners will be announced during the autumn, with prizes and calendars to follow.

Submit Your Pictures!

Please attach photos singularly and at low resolution in the first instance (maximum size 2MB)


(1) The decision of the judges is final
(2) Winners agree to WeatherNet featuring their photos on our website and in our calendar. Full copyright remains with the author.